Snake rings

Ring, signet rings, and snake rings - symbolic handmade jewelry

There is no jewelry collection more suitable than our snake rings to express the person's character who chooses to wear them every day. Discreet, they give a message or a code on all occasions and express the desire to be different from classic fashion. 

Despite a diversity of clothing. Hands often remain naked. They are just waiting to be decorated and adorned with an original jewel to reveal your deep identity and subtle side.   

As the adage goes: "show me your hands; I'll tell you who you are." This proverb's meaning evolved with the times. If from now on the stigmas left by hard work are no longer a sign of distinction and belonging to a group, buying an 18K White Gold Plated Snake Ring testifies its wearer's personality and originality. 

You will see that there are rings and bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and snake earrings.

Buy a ring - What does a snake ring symbolize?

The snake is a representation of wisdom and vitality. From the source of humanity, the serpent is an animal that exudes a spiritual figure. Our many designs and creations of snake jewelry capture the soul of this unique reptile. 

All our rings, signet rings, adjustable snake rings, steel, silver, gold, bronze, etc., are impregnated with this deep symbolism. At The Vipers House, we make sure that each of our creations can release this devious predator's characteristics. 

More than a simple snake ring from a jeweler shop, worn on the finger, the snake becomes a totem and a protective talisman embodying the wild part of its wearer's spirit. To wear a snake signet ring is, above all, to distinguish oneself by adorning oneself with an elegant jewel with a subtly threatening aura. 

Snake ring for women

Wearing a ring with a light shape and sensual waves is only for a woman of character. The delicacy of a ring in the form of a snake that wraps itself around your finger will give you a glamorous feeling—a jewel revealing a spirit mischievous enough to dare to wear a silver ring as exotic and singular.

A timeless bohemian style, the Gold Snake Ring for Women, is already recognized in the world of women's jewelry as a trend across the ages while keeping its animal charm intact. For the beauty of a jewel is above all to enhance the beauty of a woman.

Attracting femininity and embodying seduction, the purchase of a snake ring reflects its future wearer’s soul. And if the most beautiful roses have thorns, magnificent snakes can be venomous.  

In our snake rings collection, you will find : 

  • White diamond snake ring
  • Blue sapphire snake ring
  • Emerald snake ring 
  • Stackable rings

Snake ring for a man

Like a Cobra Men's Ring with sharp fangs, the snake's slender and majestic appearance often conceals a relentless hunter. Flanked by the hand of an assertive man, such a silver or steel ring for men reflects its wearer’s elegance while suggesting the existence of the wild animal buried deep within.

Solitary and symbolizing cunning, the snake conveys a strong image of calm and power. Such a jewel is a symbol of combative virility and domination. Like the venomous serpent that uses its deadly power sparingly, the wearer of a magnificent snake ring symbolizes by this jewel that he masters the beast that slumbers within him. 

A beautiful Ouroboros Ring for Men wonderfully transcribes the spiritual side of this cold-blooded ophidian, accurately reflecting the bestial part of the male soul and conferring a predatory presence to its wearer. 

How are our snake rings made?

Our rings are imagined, designed at The Vipers House, and then crafted by traditional methods and on-demand. Offering one of our snake rings as an engagement ring or wedding ring is a wonderful gift idea for your soul mate. 

We know that such an original ring is the focal point of an outfit. We work as closely as possible with our suppliers and carry out rigorous controls to ensure the irreproachable quality of each piece of jewelry we sell.   

Due to its coiled expandable shape, an Adjustable Serpent Ring is easily adjusted once passed through the finger. This is why some of our pieces are one size fits all. We provide you with a measuring guide for our other models to help you choose your ideal ring size. 


Whether they are made of steel or silver, all our reptiles rings are hypoallergenic. Our jewelry is absolutely free of nickel and other materials that are toxic to the body. Because of their purity, they do not irritate the skin and do not contain any allergens. 

The rings we sell are made of several main types of metals so that you can choose your perfect ring :

  • Stainless-steel snake ring
  • 925 Sterling Silver snake ring
  • Diamond ring
  • Sapphire
  • Platinum
  • Opal snake ring
  • Zirconia snake ring
  • Gold snake ring
  • Stone serpent rings
  • Tungsten
  • Turquoise ring
  • Copper snake ring


Also called surgical steel, this solid metal is the purest and strongest steel alloy used in jewelry. Our largest rings are composed of this silvery metal. 

The peculiarity of this sober alloy of steel and chrome is that it can be worked to reflect light and shine like pink gold or silver and be deliberately aged. And this, without altering its quality.   

A Snake Ring made from this metal does not tarnish over time and does not change color. It also does not blacken as it does with lower quality steel alloys. A ring made of 316L stainless steel is, therefore, a reliable jewel weighing only a few grams, able to withstand the aggressions of daily wear over the long term.  

  • Skull snake ring
  • Vintage-style snake ring
  • Gold platinum
  • Cobra Black onyx ring


Silver 925 or Sterling Silver snake rings is a noble material, very widespread in the world of jewelry. This precious metal comprises 92.5% pure silver. The rest of the composition includes various other metals used to make the silver ring stronger, such as zinc, copper, brass, or tin.  

As a jeweler, some of the Silver Snake Rings for Women that we sell are silver-plated rhodium. They are covered with a layer of a few thousandths of rare metal, rhodium, to give them a lighter shade and a tenfold shine.   

Neutral silver color and easy to wear, a 925 silver ring is ideal for enhancing any outfit with elegance and discretion.  


Zirconium or Zirconium Oxide, which sets some of our creations, is not confused with zircon, a natural gemstone, or rhinestones, which are artificial gemstones.

It is a semi-precious stone created by man and very widely used in jewelry creations because it resembled diamonds. Zirconium gems can have different colors: from emerald to ruby, through sapphire and amethyst.

Set on its reptile-shaped setting, this semi-precious stone imitates the sublime glitter of a Serpent Diamond Ring. Because of their brilliance, cubic zirconium oxides are the second-best substitute for diamonds.  

  • Cubic zirconia snake ring


So that your pretty ring with scales engravings or your Snake Ring keeps its splendor as long as possible after having bought it, here are some simple maintenance tips:

  • Whether your precious snake jewel is made of silver or steel, we still advise you not to put the jewel in prolonged contact with water.
  • Avoid putting the jewel in contact with any chemical product.
  • To clean your men's or women's ring, preferably use a microfiber cloth or a specialized cleaning product.