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Are you looking for a unique and wild style? You've come to the right place. At The Vipers House®, you'll find the best T-Shirts, accessories, and Snake Rings

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Snake rings: The trendy jewel of the moment!

In steel, gold or silver, the snake ring makes all the difference. Give a unique and wild style by wearing this jewel. The serpent is an animal that arouses curiosity, be sure to impress with a snake-shaped jewel.

With a collection of more than 250 products, you are sure to find your rare pearl.

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Welcome to The Vipers House Young reptile.

Believe me (or I'll paralyze you with a simple look), The Vipers House is THE best destination for all fans of Snakes; Viper, Boa, anaconda, Tiger Snake or Cobra... Our Common Point? Our love for snakes !

Charismatic and elegant style or rather angry trash? It's up to you. Here, you will find a wide range of quality items centered on the theme of "SERPENTS" (T-Shirts, Sweats, Rings, Tattoos, Deco ...). The collections are constantly growing, so I advise you to stay on the lookout for the latest products.

The Vipers House ships its products worldwide FREE OF CHARGE. Your safety, their priority. They only offer secure, encrypted and guaranteed safe methods of payment.

Something wrong with the post office? They immediately send you a new packet AT THEIR COST!

If you have any suggestions, questions or partnership requests, send them an e-mail to or via the form ("Contact us").

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Goddess Medusa 


As the most symbolic animal of all, the serpent is intimately linked to the history of humanity. The incarnation of wisdom and cunning, it is also the symbol of seduction and vitality.

It is this extraordinary symbolism that The Vipers House tries to express through its original accessories combining tradition and modernity, and which make the identity of the brand as unique as it is easily recognizable.

Driven by a true innovative spirit and inspired by the values of integrity, innovation, and open-mindedness, we wish to offer you the high level of know-how and attention to the smallest detail that our craftsmen demonstrate, so that you can express your deepest personality through their original creations.


A true symbol, the elegance tinged with a hint of danger given by the snake is the perfect way to represent a virtue, a personality attribute, or even a value that is unique to you.

The animal totem turns into a precious companion and symbolic talisman when worn as a ring, necklace, clothing, or bracelet. The snake, with its captivating aesthetics, is the embodiment of sensuality and feminine malice, the powerful virility and strong spirit of its wearer.

And you, do you think you possess the spirit of the Serpent?


The American community has been one of the most active snake communities on the planet for many years! There are many forums on reptiles and even some only on snakes! So we pushed the concept further and created the number 1 snake shop in the United States!

It is possible to find several physical stores around the world, or pet shops specializing in snakes. However, it was important to us that no fan be ignored and we work every day without stopping so that everyone can be satisfied and find the products adapted to their desires.
Our passion for reptiles motivates us and our projects are becoming more and more concrete thanks to the Serpent Store and especially to you!


A blog that's just waiting for you, a wide range of subjects of all kinds: you'll find mythology, Top of the most dangerous and venomous snake species, news about our favorite reptiles, unique factsheets for the great snake species: the Viper, the Cobra, the Boa, the Python, the Black Mamba and much more!

Despite the diversity that our Blog offers, you didn't find the information you were looking for? Don't hesitate to leave a comment under one of our articles by asking for the subject you would like to see appear soon!


Whether it's a unique personality piece or a special themed accessory, THE VIPERS HOUSE offers a wide selection of quality items to satisfy lovers of exotic styles as well as enthusiasts.

In the continuity of our creative spirit and to guarantee you the highest quality, we have chosen to have all our products made by hand and on-demand!

THE VIPERS HOUSE thinks like a company close to its customers, built around the fundamental pillars of sharing and satisfaction. For that, we guarantee a reactive customer service ready to answer the slightest of your questions or requests, as well as free standard delivery on all our products.

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