Snakeskin Shoes
Relax Python

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You just want to go out and relax during the summer then this sandal will be a blessing for you. A comfortable insole and of course your foot will breathe a lot, for a more relaxing experience.

  • Reptile pattern
  • Outsole Material: Ficus elastica
  • Style: Relax 💆
  • Fitting: Fits perfectly to the waist, take your normal size.

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Our boots and not the others...

You are at THE shop in the XXIst century. The symbolism behind all the reptiles you know (Boa, Python, Cobra, etc) are our priority here with your comfort. If you are a fan of venomous snakes or the fangs of these beasts then you are at the right place.

It can be an exotic (tropical) gift also for a scaled friend.