Snake Ring
Green Envenomed Skull (steel)

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Immerse your look into the eyes of this envenomed Skull Ring, and contemplate the beauty of death!
This macabre-style jewel is a great addition to add a fantastic and gloomy touch to your outfit.

  • 316L Stainless Steel Ring: does not blacken, resists to chlorine
  • Stone: Zirconium
  • Careful details
  • Weight : 19,9gr

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1. Why wear a snake ring from The Vipers House®?

Wearing a snake ring is proof to the general public that you support these animals, which are unfortunately an endangered species. Show them that they are not to be feared!  

Whether it's cobras, vipers, coral, pythons, anaconda, or taipan. These reptiles are particularly subtle and misunderstood by the common public. Even if these species are venomous and therefore deadly to humans. But in the end, snakes kill fewer people than mosquitoes! So we can say that they are harmless 🐍

2. Show your predator side

Like the cobra king or the rattlesnake, mark your territory with our snake rings! 

3. Offer a gift to a fan of amphibians 

Perfect for a snake lover. It would be the perfect gift