Vipera ammodytes, the antidote snake

Vipera ammodytes, the antidote snake

Thanks to the little horn at the end of its snout, the Vipera ammodytes 🐍 cannot be confused with any other European adder, except for the Vipera latastei, which does not occupy the same geographical area. We bring you back today a snake that you would meet in a walk-in Greece or Romania. There are a lot of them in this region.

Its general location is rather vague but it is found in the Mediterranean basin and especially in South-East Europe. In other words Italy to Romania through Montenegro or Croatia. It is even found in some areas of the Middle East.

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1. Description of the Vipera Ammodytes

You can recognize this viper by the little horn at the end of its snout! The polymorphism (different characteristics in the same species) is very marked in this species: individuals are classically gray with a black area on the back but some may be orange, pink, beige... So forget the color to be able to recognize this kind of snake. If you want to show off by showing the difference between the female and the male. Just scrape the dorsal zigzag of the female which will be much more erased. It is a reliable enough technique to recognize this species in question. This snake can reach 85cm, almost a meter long and can weigh up to 200g.

Its lifespan is around 20 years.

Horned viper snake

2. Vipera Ammodytes Reproduction

This species is ovoviviparous 🥚 so the embryo is in an egg that is inside the female. As the majority of the species it is necessary to go to seek a partner to be able to mate contrary to us they cannot do it all the year. The spring period is the best time to find a mate, which leads to a strong young snake that can reach about 14-24 cm long.

Vipera Ammodytes

3. Vipera Ammodytes Toxicity

Bites are rare but its venom is very active and dangerous ☠️ for humans because it is injected in large quantities and is much stronger (attacks the brain, blood and tissues) than that of asps vipers (10 to 12 times stronger). To recognize the bite of this type of snake you only need to know certain symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, hypotension. These bites require the injection of an anti-venom serum that is created from its venom, which is also used to create an antidote for other European vipers.

poison snake

4. Vipera Ammodytes Diet

For the youngest, they will prefer lizards 🦎. But the adults will mainly eat mammals and birds. The two weapons of the snake are the venom and of course the gastric juice when the prey is swallowed. If the prey is large it will use its deadly and toxic weapon. On the other hand, the small ones are swallowed directly. In this kind of situation some cannibalism situations have been reported.

Vipera Ammodytes

 5. Summary

Its small horn on its forehead and its gray and black color or rather orange, pink, beige are characteristics not to be missed. You will find them in south-eastern Europe 🌍, in large quantities and Its venom is one of the most dangerous.

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