TOP 10 Snake Rings & Bracelets at The Vipers House to have a unique style !

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TOP 10 Snake Rings & Bracelets at The Vipers House to have a unique style !

 The Snake Bracelets and Rings are unique and timeless jewelry with exceptional jeweler's creations. Young or old, Gothic or Biker, man or woman, this range of jewelry captivates as much as it questions. At first, adopted by the nobility by creating valuable jewelry 💍, the jewelers declined them in a multitude of creations so that everyone could appropriate it. Symbolic of good fortune, health, or as an affectionate gift with its protective ring. The Vipers House is here to continue to transmit to you this passion for the snake that we all share by offering you the best creations of our time. To complete your knowledge you can discover our blog about jewelry symbolism.

We are in 2020 and we present you our selection of rings and bracelets 🏆 :

10) Snake Ring Golden "Biker" Cobra

This ring has the effigy of death and the snake. The US Army and it's the iron will (inscription on the side) and just like the famous Veni Vidi Vici of the Romans, it does not deteriorate with use or with the test of time. And as we love the quality, thanks to this 316L Stainless Steel metal, you can keep it in the shower, and even in the pool, this signet ring is not afraid of chlorine and keeps the shine of the steel intact.

With such strong symbols on this ring, it is not for everyone! The wearer of this one is not made of lace because the incantations written on it show his strength and tenacity in the face of adversity. He is easily recognizable by his emblem: a skull and crossbones and his cobra. Legend has it that this Incantation Ring frightens all criminals! 😈

  • Ring in Stainless Steel 316L

Gothic Steel Biker Ring

9) Snake Ring Golden Cobra 

This ring bears the big symbol of the Cobra of the Pharaohs 🐍. It has the same qualities of longevity and unalterability. Several sizes are of course available to fit your finger better.

The uraeus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of a high Cobra found in all their art but more particularly attached to the front of the crowns of the Pharaohs. Used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, divinity and divine authority in ancient Egypt, the snake in this form was also a symbol of the goddess Wadjet, an ancient protective deity of Lower Egypt.

  • Stainless Steel Ring 316L

Pharaoh Snake Ring

8) Scaled Serpent Divinity Quetzalcóatl Bracelet

This metal bracelet is incredibly durable. If you put it around your wrist it will remain there to accompany you in your adventures, it will be there at all times to highlight your offbeat style.

A divinity from ancient times, controlling the winds and the rain and the creator of the world and humanity, Quetzalcoatl, an Aztec deity forgotten in ancient times. He is one of the most popular divinities in this culture. He is known as the feathered serpent is a mixture of birds 🐦 and rattlesnakes and his name is a form of two words giving meaning to the representation, it is a combination of the Nahuatl words for quetzal: the bird with emerald feathers and the mantle or snake.

  • Stainless Steel Ring 316L

Bracelet Snake Quetzalcoatl Steel


7) Boa Double Head Bracelet

This bracelet has two snakeheads at each end. As before, it resists all external aggression and retains its brilliance and shine. Its antique design has been transcribed on our modern bracelets and is intended to be sober and chic.

The double snakes represent the duality and unification of opposites. As such, these double snakes speak of the polarities of balance and integration to find harmony. Essentially, these opposing snakes represent the concept of yin and yang. ☯️

  • Stainless Steel Ring 316L

Bracelet Two Snake Head Steel

6) Bracelet of the Divine Serpent Ouroboros

This Ouroboros Snake bracelet in lamb leather and its 316L steel clasp is a guarantee of high quality. Resistant to water and substances, light and comfortable, it bears one of the oldest symbols of our time.

The Ouroboros is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world, having appeared in Egypt as early as 1600 BC. It was adopted by the Phoenicians and then the Greeks who gave it its name. Over the centuries, it has been the subject of several interpretations by different cultures. One is that it represents the eternally cyclical nature of the Universe, which creates life out of destruction. In alchemy, it symbolizes the continual renewal of birth and death 💀 from which alchemists struggle to free themselves.

The name Ouroboros is of Greek origin. Oura means tail while Boros means to eat. Taken together, it means "tail devourer" or "the one who eats the tail".

  • Lamb Leather + Stainless Steel 316L Bracelet

Ouroboros Snake Bracelet


5) Cobra Style Ring

What another snake better than the Cobra 🐍 can represent this symbolism of "don't fuck with me or I'll bite" 😉 ! Whether in 925 Sterling Silver or high-quality 316L Stainless Steel, these rings are made of metal or alloy as resistant over time as all those presented before with this style made for men.

If a cobra is your totem animal, you probably have a natural grace. You are proud and confident and are not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You are also brave and do not hesitate to attack anyone who might endanger you or your territory. With this animal as your totem pole, you are defensive and protective.

  • Cobra Snake Ring (Rhodium Silver 925 Sterling)Silver Cobra Snake Ring


4) The Snake Ring: the symbol of engagement

You all know the famous phrase from the unique ring from The Lord of the Rings movie... well this unique ring could be part of it as it has been talked about since time immemorial. This 925 Sterling silver ring was created to be an ancestor in the jewelry industry 😉.

The snake ring, a victorian symbol of eternal love. ... Over time, the snake has had many meanings, but one of the most popular is that of eternity. The Ouroboros (the snake eating its tail) is a common symbol for both time and eternity. It, like the circle, represents wholeness and perfection because it has no end. This ring is a unique symbol of your eternal love for your half, which at the time was made of gold and silver, for man or woman.

Ring Snake Engagement Silver

3) Snake Ring in Luxury and Jewelry for Women

Throughout history, the symbol of the serpent has been associated with many meanings. Ancient civilizations such as the Mayans and Aztecs worshipped the snake gods as a representation of knowledge and protection. Snakes were also prominent in the myths of ancient Greece and Rome vilified for their ability to shed their skin, in mythology, this means that they were considered a symbol of regeneration and rebirth. Moving on to relatively more modern cultural references, Queen Victoria 👸, with her collection of silver jewelry, was the first person to make the snake ring fashionable, after her future husband, Prince Albert bought her one for her engagement ring. This led to a huge demand for rings and ornaments of a similar style.

High jewelry houses continue to create silver jewelry with a snake theme, and the appeal of this creature does not seem to give up the fickle nature of fashion. No matter how many interpretations of jewelry are based on this same theme, each designer evokes different collections of jewelry in terms of the aesthetics of the design and the materials used.

Our Luxury Diamond Ring 💎 in Rhodium Silver 925 Sterling is in this same continuity and set with diamond crystals in Zirconia (also called zirconium oxide). Very resistant in time, luxurious and elegant, you will make your guests jealous with our "Green Mamba" set: ring, bracelet, and earring included.

  • Ring in Rhodium Silver 925 Sterling + Diamond Zirconia

Snake Ring Mamba Green Silver

2) Serpent de Luxe bracelet set with Diamond Zirconia (Zirconium Oxide)

This silver bracelet is the pearl of our site. We create this one, to illuminate and gently fill the eyes of your guests 😉, ornament specially created for women.

All this set is in 925 Sterling Silver, it is simply THE best concentration of Silver for the solidity and longevity of your jewels, and also set with zirconia diamond crystals (no rubies, pearls, sapphires, amethyst, agate, topaz, gems or gold, which are metals or precious stones and therefore very expensive). What will zirconia ask me? Also called zirconium oxide, it is THE synthetic diamond that everyone talks about whose structure is close to the natural diamond crystal. As brilliant and almost as hard as its elder, it is still quite expensive but much more affordable than a natural diamond.

  • Snake Diamond Bracelet Luxury Series

Silver Ouroboros Snake Bracelet

1) Snake Ring Evil Skull

Symbol of death, destruction, evil. This animal is universal and very complex. Its two characteristics are apody and poison. Among Christians, Satan 😈 caused the fall of Adam and Eve from paradise to the world we know by inciting Eve to break God's commandment, in the form of a snake.

The must of the must at the beginning of 2020 is this Serpent Knight and his Death's Head. It is made of 925 Sterling Solid Rhodium Silver and symbolizes the protection of the world of the dead. The snake wrapped around the skull is an intense image of death at the hands of a threatening creature. However, elsewhere in the world, a snake is the symbol of healing and rebirth! Together in this sense, the skull and the snake become a symbol of death and rebirth or the cycle of life and death.


Evil skull snake ring

So I hope you liked our selection, we have given all our attention to offer you our best products, but for people who are not yet satiated we have a multitude of other designs in the snake jewellery collection.

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