Top 10 Snake Necklaces at The Vipers House!

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Top 10 Snake Necklaces at The Vipers House!

Snake necklaces are unique and timeless jewels, their elegance and ferocity stand the test of time. Our jewelers and our creators of emotions accompany you in the most important moments of your life. We have a wide range of jewelers 💍 for all styles, budgets, and occasions. The Vipers House delivers you its top 10 Serpent necklaces to have for 2020!

10. Coiled Silver Snake Necklace

To start this top, The Vipers House offers a chic and simple necklace that reinvents the silver necklace. This lightweight necklace with a unique pendant will draw everyone's attention to your admiration 👀. Forged in 925 silver, this sturdy and luxurious material is a reference in the world of jewelry, and this elegant Viper necklace exploits it very well! The softness and elegance of the snake reinforce the modern and easy-to-wear side of the necklace.

Coiled Silver Snake Necklace

Coiled Silver Snake Necklace

9. Gold Ouroboros Necklace

Inspired by the mythological creature named Ouroboros, this necklace features a legendary snake biting its tail. Forged with Thor's hammer the ancient jewels, this necklace is an esoteric jewel that is transmitted only to the wisest. Its golden color ferociously accompanies the wearer's every movement. Representing the interminable cycle of life. This Golden Snake in the Age of Time necklace evokes thousands of years of mysteries and battles between legendary creatures 🐉.

Golden Ouroboros Snake Necklace

gold ouroboros necklace

8. Elegant Viper Snake Necklace

This snake necklace is one of the best creations of our collection. Inspired by the elegant curvature of a snake 🐍, this jewel highlights the beauty of a zirconium stone with a subtle brilliance and luxurious design. This jewel reconciles elegance and modernity. How not to fall for this model with eternal seduction and very feminine curves. The snake that protects its jewel 💎 points directly to your heart. The most romantic of all the jewels worked by our designers in search of emotions is available without further delay. Offer or get this Elegant Viper Necklace for an unforgettable gift full of charm.

Elegant Viper Snake Necklace

Elegant Viper Snake Necklace

7. Military Cobra Necklace

Do you want a simple but symbolic necklace? Go for this military cobra necklace. Fascinating snake and feared since Egypt, it lends itself perfectly to the exercise of the jeweler. The simplicity dear to The Vipers House for a snake so symbolic that you just have to turn your back on it to identify it. Like the rest of our collection, this unique model is carefully designed to offer a unique plate to all reptile 🐍 lovers, wear it proudly giving you an original style. The king cobra is an active hunter, show your predatory side. It feeds almost exclusively on other snakes, prowling in forests, fields, and villages 🏘 day and night. With this ferocious predator at your side, there is no doubt that your future is assured.

Military Cobra Necklace

Military Cobra Necklace

6. Cobra Zirconium Snake Necklace

This necklace deserves its place in this top. Associating the most famous snake with the elegance emanating from this necklace, this necklace contains a terrible secret. But before I tell you about it, know that the Egyptians, the cobra was a divinity, so the symbolism emanating from this jewel remains unique, will be the next wearer of this magnificent necklace. This ancient Egyptian cobra necklace is an ancient talisman, a key to open the door to heaven... or hell 👿 ! Will you be able to unravel the mystery of this jewel to understand the creation of the pyramids 🔺 ?

The warmth of a traditional necklace harmoniously mixing Egyptian inspiration and modernity. Silver 💎 jewelry for a model that does not blacken and is resistant to chlorine. Treat yourself to the best with The Vipers House.

Cobra Snake Necklace

Cobra Zirconium Snake Necklace

5. Gold Medusa Snake Necklace

For the top 5, publishers have decided to place this Gold Medusa necklace. Each small zirconium is sublimated by making the eyes of this woman of a thousand snakes shine delicately. This resolutely contemporary jewel will delight all those who want a quality jewel, chic, and easy to wear. This necklace will sublimate your outfits in all elegance, you can wear it for the best evenings. It is a real work of goldsmith that our creators propose on this jewel 💍, the zirconium stones are finely worked for a perfect result, these jewels capture the light to reflect a subtle brightness.

This necklace has a unique symbolism given the popularity of this mythological creature. You will be able to show your elegant side by making think of The Vipers House brand. Petrify your entourage with this jewel 💎.

Gold Medusa Snake Necklace

Gold Medusa Snake Necklace

4. Necklace Black Cross

The Egyptian cross appears frequently in paintings of Egyptian tombs and other arts, often representing deities from the beyond, so you can imagine that this necklace will have an incredible symbolism. The Egyptian cross was often worn by the Egyptians as an amulet. It is in this spirit that our creators decided to combine the symbol with the serpent to create a unique and singular version for our universe. This Egyptian black cross necklace will punctuate your outfit with an elegant and minimalist line. Over time, Egyptian cross has become the symbol of life and immortality, this necklace is more than a jewel, it is a lucky charm that will accompany you in your life. And this is why it deserves the top of the range snake necklaces 🐍.

Black Cross necklace

Necklace Black Cross

3. Black Mamba Necklace

Elegant, simple, and unique without ostentation for a necklace with a magical reflection. This jewel occupies a place of choice in the world of jewelry as the possibilities of interpretation are so vast. All the beauty of this black mamba necklace is in the eye of the beholder. Its brilliant color earned it a third place on the 🥉 ranking. The most beautiful color in the world for a piece of jewelry is the one that suits you, this necklace will certainly make you fall for it. This jewel shows recognized know-how and a perfect mastery of 316L stainless steel. The qualities of stainless steel are multiple: it reflects light and shines as much as gold and silver, does not tarnish over time, is hypoallergenic, and very accessible, it is the best way to obtain beautiful jewelry at a lower cost. Moreover, representing the wildest snake in the world, this necklace will give you the charisma for the best evenings.

Black Mamba Snake Necklace

Black Mamba Necklace

2. Ancestral Python Necklace

Pythons are large, brightly colored, poisonous snakes. This simple definition is enough to make you understand that this reptile lends itself perfectly to the art of jewelry making. Our jewelry experts took great pleasure in designing this ancestral python snake necklace. It is a model that uses a harmonious mix of colors for your pleasure. Note the modernity of this jewel and the nuances of colors of the stones selected by our gem experts. This year, the creation of jewelry knows a golden age, nature, animal savages 🐻 inspire and become a pretext for artistic creation due to the charisma emanating from these jewels. This is why The Vipers House is inspired by the organic curves of this fabulous reptile so precious to us.

Ancestral Python Snake Necklace

Ancestral Python Snake Necklace


1. NÍDHÖGG Necklace

The first place in the top 10 snake necklaces goes to (Are you impatient?)... Our NÍDHÖGG necklace! This is a piece that The Vipers House has created for fans of reptiles and boundless elegance. This forged sterling silver jewel shines with a brilliance characteristic of exceptional craftsmanship. The scales of this snake are alternately curved to play with the light ☀️. This play of light and the sinuous curves of this snake bring a lot of lightness to this pendant with advantageous volumes. The work carried out by our jewelers leaves us once again speechless in front of the work done on the silver, we can assure you that you are at the best jewelers.

NÍDHÖGG Necklace

That's all for the TOP 10 jewels it is only a small selection among our large range. So I invite you to visit our Snake Necklace collection and discover the work of our designers (jewels) 💍.  Always keep in mind that elegance is not innate but must be learned.  

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