Snake Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism

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Snake Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism

Do you want to get a Snake tattoo? You don't know which design to choose from all the ones you've seen, and you're looking for tattoo ideas? Do you want to make sure its meaning will fit your personality?

In this article, you will discover:
- Why is the snake seen as a villain?
- Meaning in many cultures 
- The purpose of individual tattoos precisely.

All the secrets hidden behind the tattoos of your neighbor or your cousin John are about to be destroyed to make way for the truth.

Vipers, cobras, boa, anaconda, mamba, or sea snakes, nothing annoys people more than the image of a beautiful snake. These magnificent creatures have had a "bad" reputation. Unfortunately, 😥 it is said that snakes can represent bad luck. But also by their dangerous toxin for which we often don't have an antidote, moreover because of their role in the creation history of Abrahamic religions such as Judaism and Christianity. Also, with their dangerousness, their venom frequently contains a toxin that can kill you in no time. But snakes were part of the fabric of human history long before the story of Adam and Eve was written. We will dissect the meaning of the snake tattoo. 🤯

Snake Tattoo Meaning in Hinduism

In Hindu mythology, the serpent Shesha is one of the primary beings of Creation. As a Naga, Shesha supports the planets of the universe on many of his countless heads. He is often shown carrying the Hindu deity, Vishnu, on his back as they float along the cosmic river. Many pagan cultures consider the snake as a symbol of rebirth and healing because of the cyclic shedding of its skin

Tattoo Meaning Reptile in Hinduism

Snake Tattoo Meaning - Greek mythology

From the legendary bent tail of the Chimera to the petrifying snake of the Medusa, snakes are a recurring feature of Greek mythology. In the past, snake venom was used to find new cures, most of these potions came from these reptiles because it was known that their hatred could be a poison and could also be beneficial to our bodies. Therefore, at that time, Asclepius was represented as the Greek god of medicine with a stick with which a snake was coiled. Many tattoo artists use the Caduceus of our time to describe the garrison. You can also see in your streets the Caduceus ☤ in some medical centers but especially in pharmacies. This design has been used in a lot of tattoos.

Snake Tattoo Meaning - Monotheist & Western Culture

The snake has become a powerful symbol of fertility. For many ancient religions, it can influence, through the observation of these creatures, a reproduction ball. This imagery became synonymous with sexual desire and seduction in the Monotheist religions. It explains why the book of Genesis shows Eve tempted in the garden by a snake, instead of another creature. This tradition also tells why Western cultures consider snakes to be vile, vindictive, and evil creatures. Many powerful symbols of pagan religions have often been demonized as a result of the growing popularity of Christianity. The snake is only one of the many indigenous victims of this rather unfortunate trend.

The meaning of snake tattoo designs

Also, depending on your cultural reference point, snake tattoos can symbolize a variety of characteristics and meanings. These include Healing and rebirth Sexual energy and fertility, Temptation, Intelligence, The nobility The Divine. 

Snake tatto meaning fertility royality divinity



If you want a tattoo with Asian influences or with traditional tribal characteristics, the snake tattoo makes exceptional pieces of body art. The beauty of these designs and placement can beautify your arms, back, legs, or torso. If your tattoo artist has good experience, and a wealth of knowledge of human anatomy, he or she can create the illusion of a snake in motion by positioning your tattoo on crucial muscle groups. If you're someone with a strong character and you want to let someone know, these tattoos are for you.

Snakes are much more than the dark demons we make them out to be. Indeed, as more and more people gain respect and worship for these beautiful beings, it is not surprising that the number of snake owners, admirers, and snake tattoo enthusiasts is on the rise.

A. Popular snake tattoo variations :

1. Snake TattooMeaning - Ouroboros

The renewal around the world considers snakes to be an emblem. In the Ashanti culture of Africa and among the many pre-Columbian Societies of Central America, there is a legend of a snake god who bites his tail ⭕. It is a sign of the Cycle of Life and Death, similar to the famous Ouroboros of ancient Egypt. In Norse mythology, the medium-sized snake is another extension of the tradition of the tail-biting snake. According to folklore, JÖrmungandr was thrown into the cosmic ocean. He became so large that he encircled the world. His battles with his arch-enemy Thor became the subject of the Nordic legend.

Snake Tattoo Symbolism - Ouroboros

2. Snake Tattoos Meaning - Royal Cobra

From the banks of the Nile to the Hindu temples in India, the sacred emblem of the Divine is the Royal Cobra. A royal symbol of the pharaohs, the Uraeus represented the king's celestial lineage. It played a vital role in the loyalty of the citizens of the Egyptian Empire. Across Burma and India, snake charmers in the streets make their rounds with a Royal Cobra in a wicker basket. According to legend, to protect the charmer from the snake's vicious attacks, they tattoo themselves with ink made from snake venom. The mystery remains as to whether the scientific evidence supports this claim. The meaning of the Royal Cobra snake tattoos embodies your connection to the Divine. They are symbols of status, nobility, and wealth.

👉 Temporary Snake Tattoos Royal Cobra

Snake Tattoos Symbolisme - Royal Cobra

3. Snake Tattoos Meaning - Viper & Eagle

The serpent is a representation of Sexual Temptation. The noblest and best-educated people could get an Eagle tattoo to show their honor. The two animals are quite a contrast to each other. The dispute Eagle and Snake tattoo represent the conflict between our honorable intentions (Good intentions) and our wild and infamous nature. It is an expression of the struggle between doing what is right and what is morally wrong—the war between Good and Evil as we were always taught as children. In most variants of the conception, Good is triumphant, and the Eagle is usually the victor. 🦅

Snake Tattoos Symbolism - Python & Eagle


4. Snake Tattoos Meaning - Viper & Dagger (Caduceus)

You may have wondered why the universal symbol of healing and medicine is made up of two things (daggers and snakes) you see them everywhere in pharmacies and clinics, but you don't understand why. Known as Caduceus, the image represents the staff of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Snakes have long been associated with pagan symbols of rebirth and fertility. This tattoo has a high position of being universally known as renewal and transformation.

Sanke caduceus symbolism

5. Snake Tattoos Meaning - Viper & Rose 

"If Zeus wanted to give flowers a queen, the rose would reign over them all." Greek Poetess Sappho 🌹

Roses are the ultimate symbols of love, affection, and beauty. A rose is a sign of the pure and chaste nature of femininity. When you're in love with someone, what do you think you offer them? A rose, even if it's a bit banal at this time. Besides, what girl can resist a bouquet of the enchanted flower? But what exactly does a rose and snake tattoo mean? In a word, Temptation. The rose represents the loss of the child's innocence around the age of adolescence when he will be tempted by the snake in many situations. By extension, a rose and snake tattoo is an interpretation of the Temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden (Again).

👉 Temporary Snake Tattoos Viper & Rose

Snake Tattoos Viper Rose

6. Japanese Snake Tattoos Meaning - Viper & Tiger 

Like the Dragons, Tigers are typically male symbols of primordial power and strength. The Tiger is a predator without mercy, and his powerful jaw makes others tremble in their hooves. On the other hand, the crawling snake is Mother Nature's thinker; it is the animal that plays a game of chess (intelligence)  while all the others are still stuck learning to play checkers, figuratively speaking. A Tiger and Snake tattoo illustrates the war between your savage side and your rational side; Think or act.

"Knowing is not enough. You have to know how to apply it. Will is not enough. It is necessary to know how to act." Bruce Lee. 

👉 Temporary Snake Tattoos Viper &Tiger

Japanese Snake Tattoos Viper Tiger

7. Snake Tattoos Meaning - Snake & Skull 

The skull 💀 symbolizes man's mortality, decomposition, death. We have two ways of interpreting this tattoo. Western societies will understand it as mass destruction of the body at the end. At the same time, more oriental cultures will see a contrast between the two because, in the symbolism, the snake represents healing & rebirth. So, the skull equals death, and the snake represents the opposite. Combined with a symbol of mortality such as a human skull, the image represents the cycle of death and rebirth, similar to the symbolism of the Ouroboros.

👉 Temporary Snake Tattoos Snake & Skull

Snake Tattoos  Snake Skull

8. Snake Tattoos Meaning - Coiled Snake  

A coiled snake is a deadly creature that is ready to unleash its fury at any moment. It's a sign that outward appearances can be deceiving. Beneath the calm demeanor, the snake is prepared to strike in a heartbeat. The significance of the coiled snake tattoo shows the world that you are an impulsive character hiding beneath your seemingly calm exterior.

👉 Temporary Snake Tattoos Coiled Snake

Snake Tattoos Coiled Snake

9. Snake Tattoos Meaning (Chinese) - Viper & Dragon

It is not uncommon for the meaning of the dragon and snake tattoos to be another interpretation of the Yin Yang symbol of balance. The dragons are Yang, the wild, a passionate, and often fiery character who tends to have a masculine essence 🐉. On the other hand, snakes represent our Yin, the calm, cunning, and rational nature of the Moon. The Dragons act while the Snakes think (According to Bruce Lee It's Better to Act). Together, they balance themselves entirely in the dance of Life.

Snake Symbolism (Chinese tattoo) - Viper & Dragon

9. Snake Tattoos Meaning - Serpent Eyes

In its modern incarnation, the term snake eyes have been heard around bars and billiard halls since the Roaring Twenties, but its roots go back to ancient Rome. At the time, throwing a snake's eye was known as a dog throw and could symbolize good or evil depending on the context of the situation. Today, snake eyes are usually associated with betrayal, and a snake-eye tattoo is an interpretation of your naughty, crooked side.

Snake Tattoos  Serpent Eyes

10. Snake Tattoos Meaning - Rattlesnake

The Aztecs, Mayans and other indigenous peoples of Central America (The Latinos now) held these animals in high esteem. The importance of these creatures in North American history cannot be underestimated. When American settlers embraced the famous Gadsden flag with the typical symbol of a rattlesnake and the words "Don't Tread on Me," the significance of the deadly rattlesnake tattoo as a mascot for the oppressed touched the nerves of many, especially their opponents.

Symbolism Tattoo - Rattlesnake

Choose your tattoo safely!

As you can see, Snakes' tattoos have many different meanings. The viper, whatever the message it conveys, is a powerful and charismatic image that many of us can identify with.

With all this information, you are now an expert at understanding what the tattooed people around you want to express. It will also be effortless for you to find out which design best suits you so that you can plan your next visit to the tattooist!

This is an important decision and not to be taken lightly: you need to be 100% sure of your choice ⚠️There is no reverse direction.⚠️

That's why we suggest that you first try out several designs from our collection of short skull and crossbones tattoos. They will allow you to visualize the final rendering more efficiently and thus facilitate your choice.

Discover them now by clicking on the image below. 👇

Snake Tattoos Collection

List of Skull Tattoos:

And for your viewing pleasure, our team has listed below a top of the best human snake tattoos! And if you are even more curious, we have made a blog entirely dedicated to the best snake tattoos.

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