Serpent Tattoo Meaning | Snake Design Tattoo Symbolism

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Serpent Tattoo Meaning | Snake Design Tattoo Symbolism

The snake has always been an essential animal for humanity. It is, therefore, widely used in art. These meanings are multiple and varied. What are the different meanings of a snake's tattoo according to the colors, the person wearing it, and the objects and other elements accompanying it? 🐍 

Young tattooed, welcome to The Vipers House! Our specialty is snakes. We have therefore looked into the subject to see more clearly. 

A serpent tattoo carries significant meaning, both positively and negatively. The most outstanding symbols of it are fertility, courage, temptation, fear, and danger. Some cultures associate it with the devil and hell. Others give it virtues such as happiness and luck.

You may be considering getting a tattoo yourself. Or you are merely looking for information about this particular type of tattoo. Either way, read on to discover the different symbolisms that the snake represents. Let's go 🙃 

temporary snake and skull tattoo design

The Chinese do not connect the serpent with threat and darkness. Instead, It focuses on the fact that the snake has a secret way of life. They associate this sign with grace, wisdom, organization, spirit, mystery, and divination. It is mainly these symbols that stand out when talking about snake tattoos.

Here is the most important symbolism of the snake tattoo:

✔️ The Danger. Some snakes possess venom. Others are top predators, making them dangerous and powerful symbols.

✔️ The Renaissance and Healing. A snake's ability to shed its skin means that it can be interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, change, transformation, or healing. 

✔️ The Temptation. In the Christian Bible history of Adam and Eve, a serpent tried to tempt Eve by eating a prohibited apple, which resulted in the birth of the original sin. Therefore, snakes can represent temptation and sin.

✔️ Fertility. Historically, in many cultures, the snake has been a symbol of fertility and creative life force, in part because of its phallic form.

✔️ Reincarnation. The Ouroboros (image of a snake eating its tail) is an ancient symbol representing the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This symbol, which originates from Europe, can also represent the changing seasons of life.

✔️ Knowledge and Wisdom. In some ancient mythologies, the serpent is considered a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

We have just listed the most potent symbols of this charming animal. Here are other qualities defining the reptile, both positive and negative:

  • Evil
  • The Devil
  • Hell
  • The protection
  • The change
  • The cycles of life
  • Darkness
  • The power
  • The authority
  • Death
  • Patience
  • The organization

All these meanings can be associated with snake tattoos. However, each person is different, and a tattoo ultimately describes what its owner wants it to convey. The qualities evoked are in no way a truth. Your tattoo means what you want it to express. 💉

It is always better to do your investigations when selecting a tattoo design. It is imperative to consider the meaning of your tattoo to you and others. It is why we have detailed in the following lines the different symbols according to the color of the reptile, the objects that come with it, and more. 

snake tattoo

Meanings of an Eagle and Snake Tattoo

This tattoo is the expression of the conflict between doing the right thing and giving in to temptation. The eagle symbolizes rightness and morality when the snake represents temptation and gives in to passion. The association of the two thus offers a very complex symbolism. 🦅

The two animals are in contrast, and the eagle's tattoo and the snake show a conflict. It is a conflict between our wild nature and our honorable intentions. It represents the struggle we have in real life when we decide what is considered just and morally responsible. In this type of tattoo, the eagle is more exposed than the snake and is often depicted as a victor. 

snake and eagle tattoo

Meanings of a Cobra Snake Tattoo

Supposed to protect the charmer from snake attacks, the royal cobra's tattoo pattern is considered a sacred symbol, representing nobility and wealth. 👑

The cobra is considered a king with a sacred emblem. In India and Burma, snake charmers in the street do their tricks with a cobra in a wicker basket. Ink made from the snake's venom is used for tattooing the charmer as a sign of protection against vicious snake attacks.

cobra tattoo

Meanings Snake Tattoo around a Rose

The rose and serpent tattoo motifs are the ultimate symbol of seduction. These designs symbolize the loss of innocence and beauty. They are associated with love, attachment, and beauty. The tattoo of the snake and the flower is beautiful and full of meaning. 🌹

A Red rose and a black serpent, for contrast, is the most popular choice for this design. Again, a certain degree of realism is usually present to make the tattoo more striking and darker, in a more gothic tone. Women love it.

snake around a rose tattoo

Meanings of Snake and Moon Tattoo

The moon is also very much associated with the snake. This type of tattoo is trendy in the Gothic counter-culture. It is a form of evil association between the night and the crawling animal. 🌙

This tattoo is very much adopted by people who don't feel comfortable in the world we offer them. The fact of wanting to live at night and to do everything against the current are traits of character that we find in people getting this tattoo.

moon and snake tattoo

Meanings of Japanese Snake Tattoo

A Japanese serpent tattoo can be a representation of protection against disease or bad luck. It can also symbolize :

  • luck 🍀
  • knowledge 📚
  • strength 
  • and change. 💮

In Japanese traditional culture, the snake has several meanings and fulfills different essential functions. It represents trouble, disease, and bad luck. Snake tattoos in Japanese culture can also represent protection against bad decisions and bad results. You can again wear a Japanese tattoo as a symbol of goodwill and good health.  

japanese snake tattoo

Woman Snake Tattoo Meanings

The snake is not an explicitly masculine or feminine symbol, making it an excellent option that can be adorned by either men or women. However, we do not necessarily find the same drawings and characters in terms of a tattoo, whether male or female.

For example, there are many more colored tattoos for women than for men. The snake is often associated with the dress for a very feminine tattoo. They are also generally smaller. The meanings often found in a woman are relatively positive and refer to :

  • love ❤️
  • life 🙌
  • giving birth 

snake tattoo for women

Men's Snake Tattoo Meanings

Unlike women, the tattoo of a snake on a man has more negative meanings. The man seeks :

  • power 🏋️‍♀️
  • combat 🤼‍♂️
  • assurance of protecting his family from the enemy. 🥊

Snakes are considered the protectors of the underworld by Greco-Roman ideologies. They are also the best protectors of the mysteries that man seeks to understand. It's why men in a tattoo much use them. Snakes are considered to be creatures with ornamental and enchanting figures. If you genuinely believe in renewal, purification, and healing, you carry the values that the snake tattoo offers you.

snake tattoo for men

Tribal Snake Tattoo Meanings

This model is often related to the spiritual world and elements of nature found in different parts of the world. 🍀

Tribal motifs have a special meaning, closely related to the spiritual world and natural events. At the same time, snakes are one of the oldest symbols of religion in the history of humanity. Many cultures associate these creatures with countless characters and deities of folklore. Tribal tattoos represent the close link with society's indigenous heritage, and wearing them means that you value your traditions. 

tribal snake tattoo

Infinity Snake Tattoo Meaning

A snake associated with the infinity symbol is ready to unleash the fury. It is dangerous. It demonstrates that external appearances do not always appear to be what they seem to want to be. It shows that you have a mortal personality. ☠️

A serpent eating its tail, similar to the symbol of Ouroboros, speaks of the life-death cycle. Formed in a circle, it shows that nothing ever ends, exposing the eternal aspect of the Universe. It is a very excellent design for a tattoo with a profound meaning.

infinity snake tattoo design

Snake Around A Dagger Tattoo Meanings

This picture is emblematic of Asclepius, The Greek deity of medicine and healing. In pagan symbology, serpents are connected with renaissance and reproduction. This tattoo represents renewal and transformation through combat. ⚔️

Snakes are recognized as symbols of healing in most parts of the world. Besides, the universal symbol of medicine and healing comprises snakes and daggers, swords, and other knives. Snakes and daggers can kill. Universally, they are regarded as symbols of paganism, fertility, and rebirth. It explains why blade and snake tattoos are designed to be recognized as symbols of transformation and renewal.

snake and knife tattoo

Snake Tattoo Around Arm Meaning

The tattoo of a thin snake that wraps around the arm or wrist, like a bracelet, is found mainly in women. 💪🏼

Tattoos of this type are usually relatively small, with a snake wrapped around the arm or forearm. With a single wrap, the snake can bite its tail, creating an infinite tattoo explained earlier. Large, thick serpents wrapped around the arm will require more space and are especially fitting for men.

snake around arm tattoo

Snake On Hand Tattoo Significance

This association of hand and snake was viral in the 1800s. It represents friendship, loyalty, and inner peace. ✋🏼

The tattoo of the snake-shaped handshake is an ironic variation of this motif and has the opposite meaning. Generally speaking, it means that no one can be trusted and that anyone can turn out to be a traitor. This design type is usually done in the traditional style, with black outlines and generally plain fill colors.

snake on hand tattoo

So That The Force Of Evil May Be With You

We have just seen the primary meanings of the snake tattoo. You now know what to expect if you decide to get this mythical animal on your skin. As well as the different symbolism, it has depends on what comes with it. 🐍 

If you are interested in snakes tattoos, it's a good thing because we are specialists! We've created a temporary snake tattoos collection that allows anyone interested in the subject to safely test a tattoo.  Discover our selection by simply clicking on the image below.

temporary snake tattoo


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