Mexican Black Kingsnake: A Little Constrictor

Mexican Black Kingsnake -

Mexican Black Kingsnake: A Little Constrictor

You can't miss it because of its characteristics. If you want a snake completely black and you are visiting the South of the United States, then don't ask yourself any more questions you are in front of a Black Mexican Kingsnake. You may be wondering why it is called the king; the explanation is the following: He has no friends, all other snakes are prey 😂.

We will present a very famous snake in Central America whose name in Latin is Lampropeltis Getulus Nigrita 🐍.

This snake is mainly found in northern Mexico, where it frequents arid and desert areas. We can even find it in areas such as Arizona or California.

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1. Description of the Mexican Black Kingsnake

In terms of measurements, they are snakes whose size remains very variable in nature. They can reach 90 to 120 centimeters 📏, but in captivity, for example, where the food is much more abundant and stable, this allows them to develop a much more consequent corpulence, in other words, a length of 1.5 m and a weight of 1.3 kg. Their life expectancy is around 35 years, so more or less half of a human being lives.

For the physical characteristics, they are straightforward. When the snake is young, some white or yellow spots appear all along the body, but they disappear quite quickly at the adult age. But pay attention to the people who tell you that they are black; on the contrary, they are dark chocolate brown; here is a piece of information that will make you stand out from the crowd.


black Mexican kingsnake description

2. Mexican Black Kingsnake Reproduction

The reproduction occurs in spring 🌳 (the period of love) after 2 to 3 months of very hard hibernation. The female will lay 6 to 8 eggs, rarely more, which will take 52 to 55 days to hatch and give young snakes. The young measure between 22 and 26 cm and, from their first molt, they feed without any difficulty, Incredible not?

Black Mexican kingsnake constrictor

3. Mexican Black Kingsnake as a Pet

The Mexican black snake is considered a popular pet because it is fairly easy to care for, generally in good spirits, and is not picky in its diet. They are active day and night, but they tend to hunt during the day because they rely on their vision (even if it is not so incredible) of predation. Although their eyes have very limited acuity 👀, their ability to detect movement is quite acute.

4. Mexican Black Kingsnake Diet

These snakes, like all kings species. Use constriction to attack its prey. It surrounds its prey until it can no longer breathe (asphyxiation). Knowing that it is an opportunistic hunter, its diet compromises rodents 🐀 and other snakes such as rattlesnakes. They have a quite varied power of movement; they can climb trees, swim in the water, and of course, crawl on the ground, which allows them to attack many types of prey.

Mexican black kingsnake constriction

5. Summary

Here, you know everything about this famous snake, the Mexican Black Kingsnake. It is a non-venomous snake living in Central America 🌎 and whose color remains quite dark. But which will be perfect for your company.

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