Common Death Adder Snake : One of the most neurotoxic venom of the world !

Common Death Adder Snake : One of the most neurotoxic venom of the world !

It is one of the deadliest snakes on the planet. Its venom can kill you in less than an hour! A sturdy body, a triangular head, and sharp hooks. Yes, we will talk about the common death adder. ☠️ 

The death adder is an Australian snake. It is very well known in the country. Many people fear it because of its lightning speed attack. But also its long fangs and its deadly venom. In general, this species is easy to spot. They have a short and coated body. The head of the reptile is triangular. However, what makes it special is its tail rather thin compared to the rest of the body. According to experts, it is used as bait for prey.

death adder

The coloring of the Death Adder is variable. However, the majority have line patterns varying from brown to gray. Their adult size does not exceed 1 meter.

The Death Adder belongs to the Elapidae family. It lives mainly in Australia and Papua New Guinea. It is considered one of the most venomous reptiles in the world. This snake is not at all a Viperidae. It is its general aspect cumulated to its powerful venom that this snake is nicknamed so. 

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1. Habitat of the Common Death Adder

The peculiarity of the death adder is that it is not very active, if at all. Its mode of attack is quite simple: wait for the prey to pass by. Of course, to avoid being spotted. It will settle in areas where the foliage is dense or in the brush. We find it mainly on the Eastside and the south coast of Australia.

Its main goal is not to be spotted by predators. Its coloring and patterns allow for optimal camouflage and make it impossible to spot the snake. This advantage for the serpent is a huge disadvantage for walkers who are sometimes victims of the attack.

common death adder habitat

2. Death Adder Diet

They are cannibalistic. However, the death adder diet is mainly composed of small mammals such as rats but also birds and lizards. Being the least active snake in Australia, it remains immobile for several days until prey passes nearby. In general, when a snake feels in danger, it runs away. But the death adder trusts its camouflage. It can be really dangerous if you set your foot in the wrong place. 🤕

death adder diet

3. Common Death Adder Reproduction

Reproduction occurs at the beginning of the year. The partners will find each other thanks to pheromones. Once the mating is done, the female will remain in gestation for around 3 months, and then she will give birth directly to babies in the number of 5 to 20. And yes! This snake is ovoviviparous.

death adder snake

4. Death Adder Bite

The tip of the tail looks like a maggot; its hunting method is simple; it hides the rest of its body under leaves and shakes the rest of its body. Then when a predator arrives, it will attack. 

Its Venom stage is 5/5 which is very dangerous. The effects after a bite are various.

  • Burning and tingling sensation.
  • Sweats
  • Vomiting
  • Breathing problems
  • Heart problems
  • Convulsions
  • Altered consciousness
  • Coma
  • And at the end...Death ☠️

common death adder snake



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