5 Reasons To Wear A Snake Ring!

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5 Reasons To Wear A Snake Ring!

There are hundreds of reasons to wear a Snake Ring, and today we will look at the five main reasons for wearing this wonderful jewel. Surprisingly, it's a whole culture, belonging, and style that will come to cling to everything you wear around your finger! 😍 

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1) A Ring Forges Your Unique Identity 

Wearing a Snake Ring in a world where everybody seems uniform will make you stand out and draw attention around you and what you wear around your finger. It is what will express your belonging to a style that is uniquely yours.

It draws attention in the right direction. For example, if you're on a beach, or anywhere else where your clothes aren't there to express your style, the only accessory you can wear is likely a ring or other jewelry such as a bracelet, earrings, or pendant. 💍

gold snake ring on a hand

It's simple. A ring will either give your style an identity if you wear simple clothes without any logo or design on it, or accentuate your style with a Reptile around your finger. 🐍

A snake ring with a pattern like a cobra, rattlesnake, and Ouroboros will directly express what you are interested in. How many times have you heard or been able to say something like :

"Do you remember, Mike? The biker? Of course, he had a Cobra ring," and directly, the interlocutor will remember this detail 👍 and the exchanges that you could make around this jewel. But this subject, we reserve it for the continuation!

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2) A Snake Ring Creates Conversation

Accessories are visual clues to your personality, and a beautiful snake ring will always attract the attention of those around you. You could meet new people just by having a ring around your finger! 🤔 

Imagine yourself in a festival, like Hellfest, where many of our readers at The Vipers House go every year. The people there are often very open to discussion, and we can promise you that many will come and question you about your favorite accessory:

  • Simply asking for information about its origin: "Cool snake ring, where did you buy it?" 
  • Or find out more about its deadly design: "Wow, I love this King Cobra on your finger, what's it made of?"  
  • Even wanting to wear it, because you chose the one that suited you best: "Can I try on your ring? I was looking for a similar one, but I don't know if it will go well with my leather jacket".  

cobra snake ring

There are many reasons to start a conversation around a ring 👌 because it is this kind of small accessory that catches your partners' attention.   

As you can see, wearing a Snake Ring can be a great start to create new conversations. It could be the perfect excuse for the pretty woman in a cafe to start a conversation, or to get her going again in a moment of blank, who knows! 👀

hellfest festival

You can share your appreciation for the snakes' story or the subjects that revolve around them by having a starting and ending point, literally at your fingertips. 👆 It usually opens up a conversation that will surely make you more attractive and exciting after sharing many stories.

3) Snake Jewelry Culture

Cultures have often associated rings with the wealth and status of the wearer. A unique accessory made of a hard-to-reach material will be able to identify your position in society. 😮 In many eastern countries of the world, wearing a ring may mean that you are a wealthy person.

famous celebrities snake ring

Although we no longer have class divisions in the West, a snake jewel will be an automatic qualifier in your placement in society in other parts of the world. 

Today's youth often wear very flashy rings with style representing their passions or commitments, supporting social causes, and showing allegiance to a group. A simple Snake Ring can expose their identity and interest in the subject! 🤘

A Snake Ring could also be worn as a reminder of a past event. A ring with an ancient Egyptian snake could allude to a trip to Egypt.

ancient egypt snake ring

As you have understood, rings can have a special meaning based on the countries' cultural traditions. If you drift a bit, a ring can be a faith requirement for your religion in some of them. It is believed that Azabache Latin American rings and other jewelry offer protection to the wearer. Sikh men in India wear a copper bracelet from childhood to show their attachment to the faith. 🙏 

In most of these places, rings are part of the culture and are often part of the standard dress code. Whether it is for a religious, historical, or merely cultural association, this little gem will, for many, define who you are.

4) Fingers Speak!

Each finger brings a different meaning, so take it to the next level with an accessory that reflects you. It is essential to understand what each finger symbolizes to know where to wear a Snake Ring.  

  • The "wedding" finger

The fingers' most commonly known symbolism is the fourth finger of the left hand, reserved for the engagement, and then the marriage ring in many cultures. Be careful: in some parts of the world, this finger reserved for engagement and wedding rings is the right hand's fourth finger. 💍

wedding snake ring

Many people make at least once the mistake of talking to a Polish person assuming they were single until they told them that the wedding ring was worn on the right hand in their country! It is unlucky to wear rings on that finger in some traditions before entering into a more serious relationship, for example, by saying that fate slows down to bring you true love.  

If you are already married, a snake ring could stain this finger. However, if it doesn't, it is one of the least disturbing fingers to wear a ring! 

  • The "little finger" or "index finger."

The pinky and the index finger have only become fashion statements in recent years, which was not necessarily the case before. People want to exhaust rings on these fingers to give extra attention to the hand. 🖐 They can be quite bold because they often make it look obvious, but they can also be excellently worn!

snake ring finger 

It's a way of saying, "Look at the detail of my Rattlesnake ring's relief. It fits perfectly with my attitude as a perfectionist". 

  • The "middle" finger

The middle finger is the most current. It was because people did not want confusion between the hand of the wedding finger. That being said, the middle finger was a sure thing. Because of its location on the hand, the rings on this finger show a sense of stability and responsibility. 😌 The rings for both men and women on this finger add glamour and class to an outfit. It will give your ring an extra sense of style without any effort.

skull ring on major finger

You understood it; each finger has its importance; it is necessary to pay attention to the location of your Snake Ring to avoid misunderstandings. 🤨 We recommend that you wear it on your little finger or index finger, where your style will be at its best without being too conspicuous or vulgar (because unfortunately, not everyone validates this unique style).

5) Because the snakes are elegant!

Of course, when we hear Snake Ring, it is a vast subject that interests more than one, and for that, there is something for all tastes. Whether you're a reptile lover, a biker, a fan of punk or gothic, you'll find something for everyone. They will show dominance, attachment to a passion.

music festival

Suppose you wish to give importance to its material. In that case, you can, of course, find it in a sterling silver material for its shiny side, gold-plated for the luxurious side, but also in stainless steel or ceramic material to remain classic (and at a very affordable price). 👍

Of course, you've come to the right place to find the Snake Ring you've always dreamed, for all tastes, prices, and designs that will take you to a level of style that has nothing to do with your surroundings.

Discover our Snake Rings collection at The Vipers House, with more than 200 products that will take your style from a 9/10 to an 11/10!

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